Spring Break Drop-In Program: Personality Tests

Now that you’re out of school, let’s take some tests!

There’s been a crazy amount of personality tests circulating all over Facebook and BuzzFeed.  I’ve collected a couple fun ones (all related to books, of course) for you to take.  While these are all good and fun, I want to point out that these tests only capture a tiny part of your complex and amazing personality.  Since no one will be grading these or will even see your results unless you choose to share them, there’s no pressure to answer one way or the other.  So, I encourage each and every one of you to answer honestly and to not be discouraged by your results, but instead to love them because they are apart of you.  You are awesome and the more you know about yourself the more you can understand how you fit in the world.  So without further ado…


Aptitude Test

Simulated Aptitude Test


Which Divergent Character are You?

Harry Potter

Which Harry Potter Character are You?Which Harry Potter Character are You?


Which Hogwarts House do You Belong in?

What is Your Harry Potter Patronus?

Hunger Games

Which Hunger Games Character are You?

Which Hunger Games Character are You?


Percy Jackson

Which Percy Jackson Character are You?Which Percy Jackson Character are You?


Which Camp Half-Blood Cabin do You Belong in?

Here are some other (non-literary) tests:

Right or Left-Brained?Right or Left-Brained?




What Color is Your Personality?

The Myers-Briggs test measures various aspects of your personality.  It’s a long and detailed test and usually costs lots and lots of money, but here are a few free on-line knock-off tests that give you fairly accurate Myers-Briggs Type Indicators:

16 Personalities

Jung Typology Test

Now that you have your Personality Type Indicators, compare them to some of your favorite fictional characters:


Divergent MBTIDivergent




Harry Potter MBTIHarry Potter




Hunger Games

LOTR MBTILord of the Rings




Percy Jackson

Star Wars MBTIStar Wars




Vampire Academy

Thanks for participating!  Hope you learned a lot about your personality (and if you already know yourself, Congrats! You’re ahead of the game!).  Feel free to stop by the library to chat about the tests.  I’d love to hear about your results or your test taking experience.

Comments, questions, and concerns?  E-mail me at: lhilty@grayslake.info

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