Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech WeekThe theme of this year’s Teen Tech Week is “Libraries are for Making!”  Stop by the Teen Space anytime to do a Scavenger Hunt that will help you discover what the library has to offer! #gapldteen #ttw15

 Today we made: Light Throwies!

They’re super easy to make and the total cost is only a couple bucks!  Low budget + low tech = tons of fun!  Here are the instructions if you would like to try this at home.

Light ThrowiesMaterials:

  • 10mm Diffused LED
  • CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries (should last around 1-2 weeks)
  • 1/2″  x 1/8″ Disc Magnet (it’s ok if the magnet is smaller)
  • Electrical Tape
  • Scissors



Step 1: Test the LED

LED DiagramTest your LED to determine color, brightness and functionality. Pinch the LED legs, or leads, to the battery terminals. The longer LED lead, called the anode, should be touching the positive terminal (+) of the battery and the shorter LED lead, called the cathode, should be touching the negative terminal (-) of the battery.


Step 2: Tape the LED to the Battery

Tape the LED leads to the battery by wrapping a strip of electrical tape 2-3 times around both sides of the battery.


Step 3: Tape the Magnet to the Battery

Now, place the magnet on the positive terminal of the battery and continue to tightly wrap the tape. The magnet should be held firmly to the battery.


Step 4: Toss It!

The Light Throwie is ready to be tossed (not hurled) onto any magnetic surface.  Work on your accuracy and your own personal technique. The throwies may not stick every time, but if you concentrate hard enough (and toss them gently) they will stick eventually.

*Adapted from Instructables.com

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