What is Sports Fiction? by Jennifer Brannen (NoveList Plus)

Sports are an integral part of many teens’ lives. At the very least, teens are likely to be familiar with sports, whether or not they participate. Sports fiction is a sub-genre of realistic fiction. Sports, in all of their glory, mess, action, and detail, take center stage as the setting, drive the plot, and enable the characters to develop. Sometimes it’s all about the action and grit, where the author takes the reader into the thick of a particular sport, which is central to the plot. Sometimes the sports shift a little more into the background and what becomes important is the personal growth of the protagonists and how they respond to situations within and around the sport they play.


Swagger by Carl DeukerSwagger by Carl Deuker

High school senior point guard Jonas Dolan is on the fast track to a basketball career until an unthinkable choice puts his future on the line.




Foul Trouble by John FeinsteinFoul Trouble by John Feinstein

College recruiters are clambering to sign up Terrell Jamerson, the #1 high school basketball player in the country. But not all of these recruiters are straight shooters, and Terrell will have to think fast if he wants to stay in the game.



See No Color by Shannon GibneySee No Color by Shannon Gibney

Alex has always identified herself as a baseball player, the daughter of a winning coach, but when she realizes that is not enough she begins to come to terms with her adoption and her race.




Tracers by J. J. HowardTracers by J.J. Howard

Cam is a New York City bike messenger with no family or strings attached to anyone, but when he meets a mysterious stranger and is pulled into her dangerous world of parkour, he is torn between following his heart and sacrificing everything to pay off his debts.



Losers Take All by David KlassLosers Take All by David Klass

At a sports-crazy NJ high school where all kids must play on a team, a group of rebels start a soccer team designed to undermine the jock-culture of the school.




The Prince of Tennis by Takeshi KonomiThe Prince of Tennis by Takeshi Konomi

Ryoma Echizen is a twelve-year-old boy who is going to enter the sixteen-year-old and under tennis group. Can Ryoma, the Prince of Tennis, gain the respect of his fellow teammates despite his small size and young age?



Being Sloan Jacobs by Lauren MorrillBeing Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill

Sloane Emily Jacobs and Sloane Devon Jacobs, from very different worlds but both with problem families, meet in Montreal where they will stay in the same hotel while attending camp, one for figure skating, the other for ice hockey.



Out of Nowhere by Maria PadianOut of Nowhere by Maria Padian

Performing community service for pulling a stupid prank against a rival high school, soccer star Tom tutors a Somali refugee with soccer dreams of his own.




Boy21 by Matthew QuickBoy21 by Matthew Quick

Finley, an unnaturally quiet boy who is the only white player on his high school’s varsity basketball team, lives in a dismal Pennsylvania town that is ruled by the Irish mob, and when his coach asks him to mentor a troubled African American student who has transferred there from an elite private school in California, he finds that they have a lot in common in spite of their apparent differences.



Winger by Andrew SmithWinger by Andrew Smith

Two years younger than his classmates at a prestigious boarding school, fourteen-year-old Ryan Dean West grapples with living in the dorm for troublemakers, falling for his female best friend who thinks of him as just a kid, and playing wing on the Varsity rugby team with some of his frightening new dorm-mates.


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