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One of our favorite activities in our Teen Writer’s Group is the Literary Pen Pal exercise.  How it works:

  1. Pick 2 characters*
  2. Grab a postcard
  3. Imagine you are one of the characters writing to the other about a recent trip
*Option: Pick 1 character and write to him or her as yourself

Things to consider:

  • The relationship between the 2 characters:  Is it friendly?  Romantic?  Are they family?  Mean-spirited?
  • The location of the postcard and why your character is visiting:  Is it for business or pleasure?  Is he or she visiting family?  What is the weather like?  What is the food like?
  • Does the character have any catch-phrases (example: Buzz Lightyear) or ways of speaking (example: Yoda) that you can incorporate into the message?

Check out some awesome examples below:

Scout Finch to Frankenstein's Monster

Dear Frank,
How are you holding up? Have you had decent access to food? Hopefully so. Let me know if not.
It’s been interesting in Louisiana. Jem loves swing more than ever, and his arm is holding up well. Is yours?
Before I go back and climb, (we found an old tree house), I must tell you something important. You are not the monster you think you are. People might be afraid at first, but remember kindness goes far. I’ve told you about my old friend Boo. You’re like him.
Best wishes,

Zeus to Bilbo Baggins

To Mr. Bilbo Baggins,
It has come to my attention that you are in possession of a certain ring of immense power. This, of course, is entirely unacceptable. While you have your domain and I my own, I am not one for keeping to my own self. As you know, I am the ruler of Olympus, and, by extension, your entire pathetic world. This, of course, give me quite a bit of power. However, this ring youa re in possession of quite upsets that balance. I have a world to rule, and quite a few of unruly gods and mortals that wish of r a bit of it. If this ring should fall into the wrong hands (ex: any that are not my own) I shudder to what would become of me. (And the rest of the world.) I will be expecting you to hand this ring over to me by midnight on the summer solstice. If you should fail to do so, I have no hesitations to recreate what happened to Prometheus with a certain hobbit.
Best regards,
Zeus, Lord of Everything.

Darth Vader to Zeus

Dear Zeus,
Here is a picture of the Pentagon. It’s quite lovely here. Although the people are strange, they keep asking me if I have this thing called, “asthma.” How rude! How’s life in the clouds?
May the Force Be With You,
Darth Vader

Darth Vader to Dr. John Watson

Somewhere in the future…
Sidekick Watson,
I have followed the force back in time and seen your efforts helping that puny man, Holmes. You are worthy of so much more with your intellect and insight. As I stopped to consider this archaic building from my past, your future, I felt compelled tow rite you. Find the force and benefit from it.
Your Future Enemy,
Anakin a.k.a. Vader

Obi-Wan Kenobi to Snow White

Dear Snow White,
I’ve heard tell that you temporarily died. Multiple times, which implies that you are not actually dead anymore. As I have found myself inconveniently deceased, I was wondering if you might have some advice.
May the Force Be With You,
Obi-Wan Kenobi






Hermione Granger to Wendy Darling

Dearest Wendy-
Oh my darling friend! I’ve seen so much on my world tour-probably nothing compared to Neverland-but none-the-less it’s been nothing short of amazing. I’ve put little stars on all the places I’ve been so far. I miss you and hope you are well. Give my love to all the boys! Looking forward to catching up in person soon.

Deadpool to Groot

Hey Scarecrow,
I’m in a bit of a twist with Iron Man. Steel Man. The one with an accent. Anyway, we need you and your talking raccoon so he can translate what you actually frickin mean. He knows where to find us. Don’t bother responding, Groot. Just don’t.

Peter Pan to Edward Cullen

Hey Ed!
What’s up? It’s beautiful here in Italy. The cuisine is the best I’ve had in 40 years. In fact, I don’t feel a day over 12. I’m sure you understand.
It’s been sunny here, so I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t tag along. Is your sparking problem persisting?
Any new love interests? I know how it feels with Bella, her getting old and you not. I still think of Wendy occasionally. Talk to you in a couple weeks,
Your immortal buddy,

Iron Man to Donkey Kong

Hello, Sir Kong.
Me and my associates, (Widow, Spider-man, etc.) have picked you to come and visit our headquarters. I’m sure you’ve heard about our battles and other missions and villains we have defeated. In the midst of all this, I am taking vacation in Monte Carlo, and will be back before the end of November. I would like to speak to you about the Avengers initiation.
Tony Stark

The Mad Hatter to Winnie the Pooh

We have a bit of a problem down here in Wonderland, though to me it’s more of an unproblem, which doesn’t seem all that bad. Where was I? Oh, yes. We’ve had a curious little thing named Alice invade our party (it was my unbirthday last week). Anyway, the rabbit has made me write to you on advice with Hu Men. I don’t have a clue what a hu men is but the world’s still spinning so it obviously can’t be that important, but what is. I’m rambling aren’t I? The rabbit is pestering me as I write, and now he’s grabbing my penci-
*Please give adivce on kids like Alice & Robin. Give my regards to my cousin Rabbit.*
White Rabbit, Mad Hatter

Little Red Riding Hood to Buzz Lightyear

Dear Buzz,
I’ve heard you’ve gone on to a new owner! How exciting! Is Woody doing ok?
Meanwhile, grandmother has been craving wolf, so I am really into hunting now. any tips from the Space man?
Little Red

Wanna try your hand at being a Literary Pen Pal?  Feel free to send yours to the library and we’ll share them!

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